Meet our team 

Mr. mcarthur

blake freer

Being a grade 12 member of the Northern Eco Team, I look forward to the experience that I will gain and the fun that our team will have throughout the season. I am going to contribute my skills in technology, science and math to the team. I know that I will gain many skills, especially project management. After Northern Eco, I plan to transfer my skills to going to university for engineering or mathematics.

Kate moses 

As a grade 12 student at Northern, I am hoping to contribute my communication skills like public speaking as well as my technological knowledge of cameras, online media, graphic design, and videography to the team. From being a part of this team I hope to become better at doing website design, photoshop and learn more about creating better fuel efficient vehicles. In the future I would like to pursue a career related to biomedical or biochemical engineering.

STeven putter

As a grade 11 student at Northern, I hope to contribute my skills in the machine shop to create parts for the eco team. I hope to learn how to tig weld and become more skilled with 3D design. I hope to go to university for engineering and possibly pursue a career as a computer hardware engineer.

Brandon Conrad

I’m a grade 11 student that goes to Northern Collegiate Institute and Vocational School. I hope to lend my trades and teamwork skills to better the team. I hope to get a more in-depth knowledge in trades and technological fields and how to be able to execute difficult and new procedures on machinery. I hope to use my knowledge gained from this team and my technology classes to pursue a career working as a millwright.

Nathan abbott

Emilia pisic

I am a grade 11 student at Northern high school with plans to contribute my science, math and tech skills to the team. I have a good experience of working with engines. I am excited to learn more about fuel efficiency and aspects of the automotive world that can be improved. I hope to take my eco team experience and improve my skills to become a mechanical engineer.

lily tait

As a grade 11 student, I plan on contributing my background in auto mechanics, welding and communication technology to the team. Joining this team will help me in college while studying to pursue my career as an aircraft mechanic. I hope to expand my knowledge on engine work and learn how to do body work,electrical systems and engine fuel injection.  

Kevin Nguyen

Hello, I am a grade 10 student with my second year on the team. This year, I would like to help the team with the experiences I have had last year and with my work in body design such as epoxy work and AutoCAD. As I would like to become an aeronautical engineer, my experience from this team will help further my skills and help me achieve my goal. The skills and experiences I gain from the Eco-Team will stay with me for the rest of my life and help me be a better person in the future.

madhu parthiban

As a grade 11 student at Northern, I'm hoping to contribute my knowledge in technical skills like photography, video, graphics designing using digital cameras and standard software such as Photoshop. Being a part of this team will further develop my skills in public speaking and designing. I'm hoping to learn more about automotive and auto-cad. My post-secondary plans are to go to university for an undergrad in engineering, where I will use my skills in designing and problem-solving.

devarsh shah

As a grade 11 student at Northern, I am hoping to contribute my knowledge of the sciences and communications skills like public speaking. Being a part of this team will help me a better understanding of how theoretical concepts are applied to real life and will further my skills. I have an interest in the medical sciences and hope to pursue a career as a doctor. The skills and experience I gain from this project will be a great asset.


sarah eng

I am a grade 11 student with an interest in PCB design and 3D modelling. I hope to contribute those skills as well as some graphic design sensibilities to the team. I am hoping to learn more about the practical application of circuits into machines and 3D printing components for use. I am hoping to pursue a career in robotics.

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