​The 2016‐2017 Eco‐Team consisted of 13 of the brightest manufacturing and engineering minds at Northern. Under a strict deadline, the team was able to redesign the fuel-efficient car. Some of 2016 accomplishments included: a complete teardown of the old vehicle, converting to fuel injection, decreasing engine and cylinder size, designing a new chassis, and rewiring the car. All of this was completed while under the pressure of completing the car in a one-year timeframe while adjusting to meet Shell’s periodic rule revisions and updates. Through hard work and dedication, the team was able to reconstruct a nearly new, more fuel efficient vehicle, meeting all of the competition's safety requirements, and compete in the year’s competition with more success than the previous year.


Northern Collegiate was the only Canadian high school participating in the event. Many of the college and university teams did not pass the many inspections to participate in the actual running of the car. Northern Eco placed 23rd at the 2017 competition out of the 44 teams in the gasoline prototype division. Over the previous year, we were able to improve our mileage by more than 100 miles per Canadian gallon despite upgrading to and configuring a new fuel injection system, designing a new chassis and creating a new pneumatic pop bottle fuel pump system. All of the knowledge and materials required to do this was made possible through our teachers, sponsors, and local community coming together to support Northern Eco's success.



Thank you to all of our sponsors, without you this wouldn't be possible.

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